Compulsive Skin Pickers!

Compulsive Skin Pickers!

Hey there, 

You might be reading this and either curious at quite an extreme title or desperate to find a way to just stop chewing, biting or picking at your skin in various places. Or neither, which is fine!

I have not been able to stop biting the skin around my thumbs for over 20 years now and I’ve been biting the nodules inside my cheek for like.. ever.

People don’t actually realise how much this often insignificant action can get us down right?? It’s actually made me cry several times how I JUST CANT STOP CHEWING.

It releases something, stress for one, momentarily.

So I have to have a something else on me to squeeze, click, push, pick at. That and understanding friends who lovingly slap my hand out of my mouth if I’m with them.

I get questions sent in to NeuroCandy from folks who just want something to help, it’s never going to be the cure, but it might save your cuticles that day!

I hope you find your fidget on the site today and start taking it out on that instead. 

But above all, remember you’re not alone.

Jack x

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