What is a fidget toy?

Anything you fidget with can be considered a fidget toy! One might use one for aiding concentration as for some, keeping their hands busy during passive listening environments, means they're actually more engaged than if they were just sat still looking at the front.

They can be squishie, magnetic 'clickers', spiky (for sensory seekers) or spinners!

Do you sell to all ages?

Absolutely. We don't simply become less curious when we get older. Look at the success of things like Lego or all the 'toys' in the garage and the history of executive desk toys such as the Newton's Cradle. There's a bit in all of us that is curious to see how things move, operate, sound and feel.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major payment methods including Clearpay & Klarna where you can split your payments interest free!

How quickly will I receive my products?

Most items on our shop arrive within a week. The only exception are the more custom made metal items that are built to order overseas. The most time anyone has waited for an order from us is 2 weeks. Get in touch if there are any particular products you are keen to receive quickly at support@neurocandy.com

Do you run a loyalty scheme?

We do! NeuroCoins!

Are your products drop-shipped or do you hold stock? 

For some of our made to order, custom items, we use a dropshipping service, yes. However most of our items are held in stock with us. Get in touch if you are unsure on a product's delivery time at support@neurocandy.com

Do you sell bulk to corporate businesses and can you advise?

Yes we do and already have some great partnerships underway with some businesses putting in to practice fantastic ways to support their staff with fidget and stress toys. We can also advise on sensory needs and neuro-inclusive environments!  Get in touch today to discuss some options at support@neurocandy.com