Book Jack to come and do a talk!

If you want to enquire about booking Jack to talk at your work, event, school, prison, sports club or 1:1, please email us at and we’ll discuss your needs together and how he can help support your initiatives.

Jack can cover a whole range of topics including:

👉🏻Life before diagnosis of ADHD and a troubled upbringing

👉🏻 Setting up Employee Resource Groups

👉🏻Creating Sensory Safe Spaces

👉🏻 Personal Experience of Medication

👉🏻Anxiety and panic episodes 

👉🏻Tourette’s and Tics

👉🏻 OCD and intrusive thoughts

👉🏻Harnessing the power of ADHD and a neurodiverse brain

👉🏻Being a Dad with ADHD

👉🏻FIDGET TOYS of course! 😂

..And much more

We of course also have the opportunity to supply fidget and sensory toys to businesses now too :)

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We look forward to working with you!

The NeuroCandy®️ Team 😊🧠🙌🏻