I was always a fidgeter...

I was always a fidgeter...

Why Fidget Toys?

I was always a fidgeter.

As a kid I chewed through jumpers, chewed my lips, picked my skin and ruined a load of school equipment along the way. 

Did I grow out of it as an adult? ha! no of course not.

Thankfully, now, businesses, schools, colleges universities, clubs.. are starting to understand different learning styles and how people listen passively.

We're still a long way to go, but I'm really encouraged by the shift in opinion and ultimately, the collapse of the taboo that fidget toys are only for children and adults should grow up and not be seen with them.

That's ultimately, why I set this shop up - I want to see all ages comfortable in using fidget toys and focus accessories in any environment they need and for there to be only acceptance, if someones requires this stimming tool to regulate and process comfortably.

Please, come in and have a browse, let me know any feedback also if you like.

You're very welcome here!

Thanks for stopping by.

Jack & The NeuroCandy Team :)


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