Is it appropriate for adults to use fidget toys ?

Is it appropriate for adults to use fidget toys ?

.. spoiler alert - definitely.

In fact, why not? This question should be flipped, I think, to anyone who finds it weird, childish or distracting.

Ask yourself this - ‘is the adult using that gadget deliberately trying to seek attention do you feel or disrespecting the person holding that meeting?   

Passive listening still hasn’t moved in most places - sit in lines, close together, stare at the front to show your engaged… sit still! NOPE.

I was at an industry diversity and inclusion event this week which had the exact same format whilst folks at the front talked about how they created neurodivergent friendly spaces..

We’ve a long way to go. 

Realise that not everyone listens in the same way and that you’re guaging engagement wrong if you don’t; Eye contact, fidgeting, sitting down… it’s all getting reviewed thankfully.

Imagine how much info has not been received due to this one trick approach over the years!! 😱

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Glad to have you here :) 


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